Privacy Policy

Hi, nice to have you visit my blog, here are some mandatory terms & conditions of use when using the blog.

1. WE COLLECT WHAT INFORMATION FROM YOU Blog(MakingPDF) does not love to collect your personal information including: identity card, real name, phone number, email, ... or any information that harms the right Secure your information.
So, what does the blog collect?

a. Cookies

We use cookies to increase the blog user experience. In addition, we use Cookies to display Google Adsense ads more accurately, giving you access to the most useful services.

b. Comments

Visitors are allowed to leave comments on my blog with google account, so your account name and comment content will be permanently saved in this blog (except spam), you do not have the right to delete or edit this information. This function works on a voluntary principle.


MakingPDF can use content in books or documents to bring accurate information to visitors, especially MakingPDF prohibits all other websites from copying our content. . We greatly respect copyright rights, so any copyright problems you can contact me: Here.


The information on MakingPDF purely for reference, we do not assume any responsibility for the external consequences that you or others suffer from not complying with the above terms.