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Volo's guide to monsters PDF
Author Unknown
Published 2019
Format PDF


Volo's Guide to Monsters is a fifth release Dungeons and Dragons sourcebook that portrays beast legend and nests, playing beast character races, and gives the detail squares of numerous beasts old and new.

Excerpt Volo's guide to monsters

VOLO HAS ENCOUNTERED MANY MONSTERS in his day, few as odious or as ornery as the ones described herein. This chapter takes several iconic D&D monsters and provides additional information about their origins, their dispositions and behaviors, and their lairs-above and beyond what is written in the Monster Manual. To give every monster such grand treatment would require too many pages to count, so we winnowed down the list to nine groups of creatures that have a lot going for them and tend to get used often in D&D campaigns: Beholders, Goblinoids, Mind flayers, Giants Hags, Ores, Gnolls, Kobolds, Yuan-ti.
If you plunder this chapter for ideas and maps the next time you create an adventure or a villain, then this material has served its purpose. We hope that, as you explore each monster section, you'll come up with new ways to challenge and entertain your players, as well as find new things that you can borrow for your own D&D campaign. Let each entry spark your imagination! 


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  1. Volo's Guide To Monsters is presently, point of fact, my new most loved 5E book. Section 1 contains a LOT of inside and out data about a portion of D&D's most eminent enemies: Beholders, Giants, Mind Flayers, and others. The subsequent part contains new racial choices for players; IIRC, a portion of these were introduced in different books, however it is pleasant to have them gathered in one spot. The remainder of the book has a bestiary of new animals, extraordinary and little, just as some "attachment and play" NPCs.

    For the DM, this book is a fortune trove; I will in general purchase 5E books for motivation, and don't generally play pre-produced battles, and VGtM is helping me take the crusade I'm running in some energizing new headings (in any event, for me). Additionally, I'm tied in with giving players more alternatives, so the new player races are likewise incredibly fascinating to me. I don't have the foggiest idea the amount I'll utilize the pre-gen NPCs, yet they're convenient to have, in the event that something goes wrong.

    One of my preferred things about the book is the main arrogance of its plan. Peppered all through the book are remarks of Volothamp Geddarm (the "Volo" of the title) and the archmage Elminster Aumar. These little side notes add a great deal to the kind of the book, and help the peruser drench him/herself on the planet.

  2. The book is spread out in 3 area with the main segment giving the DM knowledge into the various diverse beast races, for example, Beholders, Giants, Gnolls, Goblin races, Mind Flayers and Yuan-Ti. The following area gives a few new player races, for example, Aasimar, Goliath, Lizardfolk, Tabaxi and my new most loved the Kenku. While the last segment has details for a lot of new beasts identified with the races nitty gritty in the front of the book and some new NPC types. Likewise with all Wizard of the Coast books the craftsmanship is incredible. I truly like the Monster Lore area, I utilized the Goblinoid foundation to grow the Hobgoblin Empire and Yuan-Ti's that I was utilizing previously utilizing in my crusade. I additionally like a portion of the bits of knowledge like beast strategies. This is an incredible book for your D&D library and I trust future versions will grow out a portion of different races that couldn't make this release.